African Land Snail

Information on the Nigerian Land Snail will be posted soon!

Asian Tramp Snail

Bradybaena similaris, common name the Asian trampsnail, is a species of small, a

Citrus Greening

Photo courtesy T.R. Gottwald and S.M. Garnsey

Cuban Slug

Veronicella cubensis, common name the Cuban slug, is a species of air-breathing

Fusarium Wilt of Bananas and Plantains – Tropical Race 4

Fusarium wilt of banana, also known as Panama disease is a destructive fungal di

Red Palm Weevil

Red palm Weevil (RPW) or Asian palm Weevil or Indian palm Weevil, Rhynchophurus

West Indian Fruit Fly

The West Indian Fruit Fly (Anastrepha obliqua) is the most abundant species of f