A critical goal of the Caribbean Plant Health Director Forum is to increase communication and the transparent exchange of sanitary information among Caribbean Countries.

The Forum envisions itself as becoming the Region’s Plant Protection Organization and at the Fifth Meeting of the CPHD Forum at Scrub Island Hotel, BVI in 2012, the forum took steps to formalize it position in the Regions’ agricultural sector which involved the election an executive to include a Chair, Co Chair and Technical Secretary to better support the activities and needs of the CPHD.


The officers elected will serve a two year term as opposed to the one year previously served by the Chair. The executives elected during the CPHD’s 7th annual meeting, which took place in the Cayman Islands during the period July 29 to August 1, 2014, are highlighted below.

Chairman Mr. Brian Crichlow Read More
Co-Chair Mr. Francisco Gutierrez Read More
Technical Secretary Miss. Wilhelmina Kissoonsingh Read More


An aspect of the CPHDs’ drive is to form a plant health organization comprising all Caribbean countries as well as a series of technical working groups(also referred to as TWGs) under the annual meeting of the CPHD Forum:

  • Emergency Preparedness Plans and Mechanisms for Response
  • Molluscs
  • Safeguarding
  • The Fruit Fly
  • Palm Pest Complex

Each of these technical working groups is lead by a Chairperson. These chairpersons are highlighted below.

Chair – Safeguarding Mrs. Karen Barrett-Christie Read More
Chair – Fruit Fly Mrs. Allies van-Sauers Muller Read More
Chair – Palm Pest Complex Mr. Assim Dilbar Read More
Chair – Emergency Preparedness Dr. Janil Gore-Francis Read More
Chair – Molluscs Mr. Ryan Anselm Read More