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General Objective

To assist in providing technical and policy recommendations to the Caribbean Plant Health Directors (CPHD) Forum towards safeguarding the Caribbean from threats and/or impacts of the introduction, economical damage and spread of Musa pests through scientific investigation, research and provision of advice on all matters related to pests of Musa.

Pests of Concern

Fusarium Oxysporum Cubense (TR4)

Ralstonia Solanacearum Race 2

Banana Streak Disease

Banana Bunchy Top Virus

Mycosphaerella Fijiensis



Supporting Organizations

  • Center for International Research and Development (CIRAD)
  • Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO)
  • United States Department of Agriculture/Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service GCSI (USDA/APHIS)


Affected Countries

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Specific Objectives

  • Make recommendations to the Plant Health Directors Meeting for consideration of Musa pest to be placed on national/regional priority pest list
  • To advise the forum on Musa pests which pose a threat to the region
  • Recommend system(s) for prevention, surveillance and monitoring of Musa pests
  • Recommend management and/or eradication strategies for Musa pests
  • Recommend training and capacity building for Musa spp.
  • Advise on Emergency preparedness measures for emerging issues and/or outbreaks if required
  • To provide information on Musa pests to produce public awareness material (in conjunction with the communication TWG) targeting all stakeholders to include policy makers
  • Encourage and initiate research to enhance the management of Musa pest in the Region
  • To advise on the development of a regional notification system for Musa pest
  • To create awareness and advocacy for safeguarding the Region from Musa pest especially Fusarium Oxysporum Cubense (TR4)
  • Make recommendations on any issue (including ISPMs, etc.) concerning Musa pest to the Caribbean Plant Health Directors to guide on discussions internationally, regionally and nationally.

Regional Musaceae Priority Diseases – Diagnostics and Surveillance Workshop – April 2024

The Regional Musaceae Priority Diseases – Diagnostics and Surveillance Workshop was held from the 15th April 2024 to 19th April 2024 at UWI Mona Jamaica Campus and featured a wealth of presentations relating to Diagnostics and Surveillance of diseases of Musaceae. The objectives of the workshop were: Education and Awareness: Disseminate knowledge about Moko, TR4, BBTV […]

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CPHD Musa Chair presents on TR4 at CWA 2023

The CPHD Forum’s Musa TWG Chair, Mr. Nelson Laville, presented on Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. cubense Tropical race 4 (TR4) at the Caribbean Week of Agriculture 2023 (in-person/virtual) event, held on Thursday 12th October 2023, titled “Transboundary Pests and Diseases of Concern to CARICOM countries”. A wealth of information was shared with the event participants. […]

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Musa TWG Meeting

The Musa Technical Working Group held an adhoc meeting on 29th September, 2021 virtually during the Covid-19 pandemic. The members met to provide updates on the Regional Action Plans and discuss opportunities with respect to training, capacity building and funding as well as collaborations and networking.  

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Fusarium Wilt, Tropical Race 4 Awareness Webinar in recognition of World Pest Awareness Day

Fusarium Wilt, Tropical Race 4 Awareness Webinar in recognition of World Pest Awareness Day On June 7th, 2021, the USDA APHIS-IS Trinidad Office in collaboration with the CPHD Forum’s Musa Technical Working Group (TWG) hosted a webinar entitled, “Raising the Caribbean’s Awareness on Fusarium Wilt, Tropical Race 4”, in acknowledgement of World Pest Awareness Day […]

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Fusarium oxysporum Tropical Race 4 Information Flyer

Banana is a major source of staple food and revenue in many of the countries of the Caribbean. TR 4, once established in a field can cause 100 percent yield loss. Learn about this destructive disease: Fusarium Wilt of Bananas and Plantains Tropical Race 4 Flyer (JPG)

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Musa Information Brochure

The Musa Technical Working group created a brochure that provides information on the Musa TWG as well as a fact sheet on one of the pests of concern – Fusarium Oxysporum Cubense (TR4) Musa TWG Brochure and TR4 Fact Sheet (PDF)    

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