The Caribbean Plant Health Directors Forum has employed numerous mechanisms over the last fourteen (15) years to achieve the goals of communication and visibility, including exchanging information via the annual CPHD Forum. Ongoing electronic communication with its members has been established to include phytosanitary communication products, Technical Working Groups meetings, and reporting.

To facilitate trade, plant health is a matter of importance to the Caribbean region. Annual meetings combine the efforts of Sanitary and Phyto Sanitary (SPS) methods for the improvement of management and prevention of plant pests for countries.

We are pleased to share Issue #4 of the CPHD Newsletter. Again, we hope you find it to be a “good read”, as the CPHD continues its commitment to safeguarding the plant health resources of the Caribbean, advancing safe agricultural trade, and building capacity to manage new and existing pest threats.

CPHD Forum’s 4th Newsletter – December 2022: Newsletter Issue#4

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