The Giant African Snail Webinar was held on Thursday 27th October 2022 via Zoom and featured presentations from experts on their experience in eradicating and managing the Giant African Snail as well as a Panel Discussion, with simultaneous interpretation (English to Spanish) also being provided.

A wealth of information was shared with the attendees. These presentations and webinar recordings (video and audio) can be found below.

Agenda: Giant African Snail Agenda



Item #3: An Overview of Giant African Snail – Dr. Amy Roda, USDA PPQ S&T

Item #4: Experiential Learning – Dealing with Giant African Snail (GAS)

Item #4a: The Puerto Rico Incident – Mrs. Rosimar Morales Mallery, USDA- APHIS -PPQ FO

Item #4b: The Miami and Tampa Eradication Programs – Mr. Jason D. Stanley, DPI FDACS

Item #4c Impact and Long-term Management of GAS in the Caribbean Region

Item #4c-i: Barbados – Mr. Brett Taylor, MOA, Barbados

Item #4c-ii: Antigua – Dr. Janil Gore Francis, MOA Antigua


Video Recording




Audio Recording