Mediterranean Fruit Fly

medflyThe Mediterranean fruit fly (Ceratitis capitata Wiedemannis) better known as medfly. It is a species that has been introduced in many countries all over the world. It is considered a major pest, due to its ability to attack many hosts. In countries where it has become established it has caused significant economic loss to the agricultural sector.





Symptoms and Infestation

medfly-symptoms Infestations of fruit flies on fruits usually can be found as the dark dots, caused by egg-laying. On some fruits symptoms are very clear, as in West Indian cherry, other fruits show less to no symptoms of infestation.






The med fly originates in the Mediterranean area, but it has spread over many continents. It is present in Africa, Southern Europe, Australia, South-America, Central–America and Hawaii. In some countries (Chili, Mexico) it has been eradicated. In others, it is under control.



Small area control involves destroying the infested fruits by burying, submerging in water, collecting in plastic bags and exposing to the sun, all resulting in death of the larvae.  Feeding infested fruits to poultry is also a good option.


What Can We Do?

  • Do NOT bring into your country any fruit or agricultural produce without the required Plant  Quarantine Import Permits/Approval
  • NEVER bring fruits from countries that have fruit flies that do not exist in your country.
  • When you travel always Declare ALL agricultural items.
  • Report any infested (pierced or larvae present) fruit to your Ministry or Department of Agriculture
  • If you see fruit with larvae that are jumping, report it immediately.
  • If this pest is found early, eradication is still possible.

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  • News about this Priority pest will be posted soon