The Caribbean Pest Diagnostic Network (CPDN) is a network and an internet-based Lab Information Management System (LIMS), which facilitates the digital upload of samples obtained in the field for rapid diagnosis and pest identification. The revamped version of the CPDN would expand access to the entire Caribbean region (32 member states) with direct samples being sent to the appropriate experts for each subject area.


This database uses field data and digital media as tools for the enhancement of diagnosis of plant disease, insects, weeds, invasive species, plant management, physiology, and nutrient problems. Through interactions on the Internet between field personnel and diagnostician or experts, problems can be quickly communicated and assessed. Specialists around the world can perform diagnosis and identification and provide best management practice recommendations to the users. The archived CPDN database becomes a resource for research, educational programs, and classroom teaching.


The revamped network would benefit farmers, plant quarantine officers, field officers, entomologists, plant pathologists, agricultural officers and assistants, and researchers using additional e-learning CPDN modules. The Caribbean Pest Diagnostic Network (CPDN) is a Sub-Technical Working Group of the Safeguarding TWG and is a major component of the Caribbean Invasive Species Surveillance and Information Project (CISSIP), which operationalizes the Caribbean Regional Invasive Species Intervention Strategy (CRISIS), an output of the Caribbean Invasive Species Working Group (CISWG).


Currently, diagnoses are made online through interactions between extension officers and plant protection experts, and the problems presented are quickly assessed and the results/solutions communicated. The Caribbean Plant Diagnostic Network’s main priority is to assist countries in the Caribbean with the development of a national pest list, to conduct surveys that would assist with the detection of exotic and indigenous pests as well as to make a preliminary identification of intercepted pests.


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