Crops are in danger from plant diseases and pests. Over 220 billion USD is lost in agricultural trade due to plant diseases and pests. Biosecurity is a measure that can prevent this as without plant production there is no food for feeding animals or feeding the human population. Biosecurity is a preventative method that can be used to minimize the negative impacts of plant diseases and pests on biodiversity, international trade, food security, and the natural environment.

Implementation of biosecurity measures around the world can help to strengthen global standards of plant health, while also raising awareness of the challenges of safeguarding the global economy and environment. Invasive insects have caused great losses of at least USD 70 billion. Invasive insects infest plants or burrow inside of them, which can reduce the quality of a plant’s fruits or its life. Safe Trade of healthy plants and plant products across borders is a key component in ensuring food security across the globe.

Humanity is growing and the need to sustain a growing population is large. Protecting biosecurity would help to ensure that biodiversity and the environment are safe from plant pests and diseases.

This year, the International Plant Health Conference was held on September 21-23rd, 2022 to discuss the scientific, technical, and regulatory plant health issues we are facing. It was oriented toward attaining the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 1,2, 13, 15). When we protect plants, we protect our lives and our health. Biosecurity is critically important to maintaining global food security, facilitating safe trade, and protecting the environment. to maintaining global food security, facilitating safe trade, and protecting the environment.

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