The human population is expanding and as of June 2022, the planet has reached 8 billion people. The population growth affects land development, which impacts many species as this can lead to a loss of habitats and the metamorphosis and extinction of some species. The varying species known as biodiversity include all species that help the proper functioning of all ecosystems. These ecosystems are unique and often rare for all species, but conservation would play an important role in preserving biodiversity.

Human activities have inadvertently caused negative effects on biodiversity. One such example is the development of land for human use, but this land also doubles as the habitat of some species. It is not just land, but the sea is also home to many marine lives. 7% of the World’s Coral reef covers approximately 20 thousand miles and is located around the central coast of America and the eastern Caribbean islands. In the Eastern Caribbean, there are 600 bird species, of which 160 species are endemic. A staggering 13 thousand plant species, amounting to 50% that are endemic and 94% of an estimated 500 reptiles that are classified as endemic. Caribbean countries have begun declaring protected areas to protect their native species.

Biodiversity supports many livelihoods, genetic diversity, and food security. Conserving genetic diversity ensures the continued existence of a variety of crops, which may resist diseases and aid in healthcare. Moreover, this provides accessibility for species that help with pollination and pest control. Conservation approaches focus on native species in urban ecosystems, relict habitats, and sometimes relocation of species to protected environments.

The world relies on a balance that is ensured by a diversity of organisms. We must protect biodiversity at all costs. Doing this involves an international legal instrument for ‘’the conservation of biological diversity, the sustainable use of its components and the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising out of the utilization of genetic resources’’, called the Convention on Biological Diversity which has been ratified by 196 nations. It is a global objective, to encourage actions that will lead to a sustainable future.


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