Join the UWI FFA as they celebrate its 100th anniversary of academic excellence in teaching, learning and research, in agriculture, the environment and related fields associated with the FFA and its precursors.
To commemorate this auspicious occasion, the FFA commissioned several events, under the general theme “The Centennial Legacy Celebration of Food and Agriculture at The UWI STA.”

This International Conference is one of the major events and will be hosted virtually on November 10th and 11th, 2021 from 8:30am to 1:30pm each day.

The Conference aims to highlight global perspectives on food and agriculture, relevant to Caribbean Small Island Developing States, as well as the impact of the FFA and its precursors on regional and global food, agricultural and environmental systems.

The conference objectives include:

  1. To showcase contemporary food and agricultural research and innovations relevant to Caribbean SIDS
  2. To collate and share scientific data and research experience that can inform future research, development and decision making in Caribbean agriculture, food systems and related sectors.
  3. To identify, strengthen and promote collaboration and networking among regional, global scientists and stakeholders.
  4. To facilitate knowledge sharing amongst stakeholders
  5. To enhance effectiveness of academic research towards decision making and policy development.

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