In Anguilla, new ways to detect invasive species are being implemented.  Anguilla has devised early detection for the immediate removal and control of potentially invasive species. The Department of Agriculture mandated that permits are required for the importation of pets such as dogs. The official, ‘Anguilla Dog Act’ requires permits for specific breeds of dogs, some of these dogs must be verified under the Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species of Flora and Fauna (CITES) to know if it is protected.

Residents of the country are encouraged to look out for animals and plants that are unknown to the territory. Just like dogs, other species can be accidentally or unknowingly imported into the country. Once the species is identified, it must be reported to local authorities so that they can formulate methods to restrict the spread of the invasive species. Invasive species are prioritized due to the level and risk they may pose to human or environmental health.

The Public is to be educated continuously about reporting sightings of the animals and plants to environmental agencies in Anguilla.  The plan is conducive to the capture and prevention of the infestation of invasive species, especially regarding quarantine methods. – Anguilla Pet Passport and Import Regulations – Anguilla Invasive species strategy – Anguilla Dog Act