Jamaica recently shipped over 12,000 pounds of mangoes to the United States. To avoid any forms of crop contamination or infestation of insect pests/diseases, the mangoes were put through an irradiation process, where ionizing radiation was used to augment the shelf life of the fruits, by controlling the respiration of the fruits. Jamaican mangoes go through a process of irradiation. Jamaica has taken on a new project in order to stop the mangoes from being irradiated.

Pink Green and Yellow Illustration Project Education Presentation

Ionizing radiation to food or food irradiation improves the safety of food by eliminating insects and microorganisms that would hamper shelf-life. This includes canning fruits and vegetables and pasteurizing milk.

Jamaica’s new project to create a hot water treatment facility for mangoes would be a huge benefit because it would mean the mangoes would not have to go straight to the United States for irradiation. This treatment facility would allow for other fruits to be exported under the new facility. The United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) approved Jamaica to construct the hot-water treatment plant.

The new facility is expected to be completed before the export of mangoes for the 2022 season.